Saturday, August 29, 2009


I hope this to be the final part of the Mother and Daughter Eternal / Robert's Creek / Genesis saga. This isn't to say I wont keep writing about 2008 and how much of an interesting year it was in my life... I've still got a few more planned relating to certain experiences, but this poem is sort of closure. I'm at a point in my life where everything is working out - I moved to Sydney to do one thing, and I did it, and now it's not so bad staying at all. Things that are dragging me down seem to be keeping at the surface too - a nice balance.


I: Cannon
In summer's haze (blinding associations
and wood-splitting arguments) I gathered
the shattered pieces of 2008 and
crammed them into my head:
I knew I would need them as much
as I needed to breath.

From broken sticks and crushed,
decomposed leaves (the years's
debris) I labored
an ark able enough to carry
me across six-hundred kilometres
so I could hold a candle to her.

II: Peacemaking
Sudden realisation: a final embodiment
I've what I'd came here to do. It was when
She held my hand in that dream as my guardian,
that Robert's Creek and all the stars that clung
to its waters flowed unharboured.

At the close, another thing to do
and another way to be always emerges and
this was more gratification
than I could ever have asked for.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Morning Duties

Morning Duties

The light and I are
chasing rivers until they become oceans:
before that they are just twisted fingers
of water bound.

Oceans are the open palms of water freed.

The mouth is where I
i spread my arms like wings
and dive into the blue-brown undertoe
of the unknown.

The light stands pivotal for a moment,
flickering and cometary until it
changes its mind and lulls back to sleep.

The world could go on for one more day
without light - getting up is too much
of a challenge.