Sunday, August 8, 2010


Written for the Poet Union's Greenhouse anthology, third edition.


How I came to be submerged beneath
the waves and how
the sun had become
bright enough for its
light to penetrate thedepths of Mariana Trench
I could not be sure.
Yet this sudden illuminance of the sea
had left me with no need for
breath because from the underwater wildflowers
came a different kind of oxygen.

And this oxygen fed the
sailfish in me.
I was a superfast submarine,
silent but with purpose
and that purpose was discovery:
a voyage through the crystallised
depths of you and me.

What I didnt know is that when
I surfaced I would turn your world up-side-down.
Because if you're heart was
a piece of coral and your
blood was salt water,would you be still as
certain you could live forever?

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