Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Her Quiet Inspiration

Starting from now, I think I'll try and have pictures of things in my blog that inspire me in some way. To start things off, I have a very nice picture of someone who is pretty much my idol when it comes to being creative. I sort of wrote a poem ages ago in dedication to her called "The Goddess of the Gypsies" but since then I've realised that name is massively cliched and it uses one of her song titles as inspiration which is comes across as cheap to me now. I'll try and rewrite that poem now.

Her Quiet Inspiration
Her crystal voice sang low in an atrium that she built herself.
The sapient nightdress of Minerva (upon another's body)
twirls with every soulful note that's sung.
It's like the winds of a storm.
She embeds those words of the soul;
words that tear pieces from the primal skies and seas
who's hunters found their prey all those years ago.
The maze that she's crafted from the clay within her mind
protects her from being translated into life, into form.
Who else embodies so brightly the spirit of the world?
Who else is the poet in all those people's hearts?
She is silent sometimes but so alive
when life calls for it.
Okay so that's that. Just a draft for now. Thoughts?

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